Gift your mom Health and Happiness in God’s Own Country with Ayurvedic therapies and treatments.

Kairali The Ayurvedic Healing Village(KTAHV), located in the foothills of Western Ghats amid lush greenery of Pala forest is an Ayurvedic,  is an Ayurvedic Health Retreat which has been recognized by National Geographic Traveller as one among the best 50 Wellness Mecca’s in the world. It offers several Ayurvedic treatments; yoga and meditation sessions; in-house doctors who diagnose the body and accordingly treatment is provided; masseurs who have learned the trade from the land of Ayurveda, Kerala and organic vegan food. Ayurvedic treatments like Panchakarma Therapy, Weight loss Programme, Preventive and Regenerative treatment, Holistic Treatment for Rejuvenation and Detoxification etc. are provided. On the occasion of Mother’s Day KTAHV is offering upto 30% discount on Rejuvenation & Detoxification package. Herbal oil massage, herbal steam therapy, special vegan diet and other therapeutic techniques are involved in this treatment. Don’t miss the offer and gift your mom a relaxing experience this time.

Lose weight naturally with Kairali Ayurvedic Healing Village, in God’s Own Country, Kerala

An obese person receives advices from everyone regarding how to lose weight and on trying out various options available. There are several choices on internet when you search how to reduce weight, several books have been written on weight management and what not.

The advises range from, trying to cut on sweets and carbs to cutting down fatty food items, dieting, exercising, eating right and small portions. There are surgeries to remove excess fat from the abdomen. In the end, it is hard to figure what exactly to follow and which is the most effective method. People try different remedies but in vain. Managing weight is not an easy task as missing out on your favourite food items is a challenging task. Starving yourself or straining your body with excess of exercise will only lead to fatigue and further hunger pangs and over- eating.

Ayurveda has come to rescue of your weight woes. Kairali Ayurvedic Healing Village has special Weightloss Treatment which focuses on resolving the issues of obese people. This program ranges from 14 to 28 days. This includes a combination of restructured diet, massages and oral medications which helps in reducing the weight.  Various therapies such as Udwarthanam, Udgharshanam, Elakizhi, Kadhikizhi, Pizhicil and Vasti are involved in this weight loss therapy. Steam bath is recommended after the therapy sessions which help in improving blood circulation and reduces depositing of fat. Every person is provided different menu of vegetarian food as per their body type and treatment. Yoga and meditation is also included in the weight loss treatment, which acts as catalyst to reduce weight gain. Training is given on cooking and Ayurveda, to ensure that one takes back the knowledge to home and continues their path towards and fitter and healthier life.

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Upto 30% Discount at Kairali – The Ayurvedic Healing Village

Upto 30% Discount on Rejuvenation and detoxification packages at Kairali – The Ayurvedic Healing Village

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KAIRALI – Voting nominations for World Luxury Spa Award 2017

Dear Friends
It is our pleasure to inform you that Kairali – The Ayurvedic Healing Village is once again nominated for the World Luxury Spa Awards 2017.

We are winner of World Luxury Spa Award for category “Best Luxury Destination Spa” in 2012 and we want to repeat the history again. In order to win this award we need your support. Kindly Vote for us in below mention link and be a part of this success.

Voting Process:
Step 1 – Click to the Link which will take you to the Kairali – The Ayurvedic Healing Village Voting Page.

Step 2 – Fill up your details

Step 3 – Submit (Voting Complete)

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